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Title 17, Chapter 23 of the Utah Code sets forth requirements, duties & responsibilities pertaining to and assigned to County Surveyors. Chapter 23 also outlines certain charges given Private Surveyors with regards to the Public Land Survey System and the location of property boundaries.
Portions of Chapter 23 dealing with often encountered survey elements and platting requirements are printed below. To view Chapter 23 in its entirety, click the following link. http://le.utah.gov/~code/TITLE17/17_23.htm

17-23-1. County Surveyor duties.
(3) (a) (vi) ensure that all surveys of legal subdivisions of sections are made according to the United States Manual of Surveying Instructions in effect at the time the survey is completed;

17-23-13. Setting Monuments.
(1) (a) When establishing a section, quarter-section, or center corners, the county surveyor or his designee shall set a monument of durable quality.
(b) Wherever the nature of the ground will not allow the setting of a monument at the exact corner as described, then a witness monument shall be set.
(2) (a) Whenever possible, section corners and quarter-section corners shall be witnessed by at least four references of durable quality.
(b) All references shall be carefully described, and their bearings and distances noted in the report.

17-23-14. Disturbed corners – County surveyor to be notified.
(1) Any person who finds it necessary to disturb any established corner in the improvement of a road, or for any other cause, or finds a monument which needs rehabilitation, shall notify the county surveyor.

17-23-16. Resurveys.
In the resurvey of lands surveyed under the authority of the United States, the county surveyor or his designee shall observe the following rules:
(1) Section and quarter-section corners, and all other corners established by the government survey, shall stand as the true corner.
(2) Missing corners shall be reestablished at the point where existing evidence would indicate the original corner was located by the government survey.
(3) In all cases, missing corners must be reestablished with reference to the United States Manual of Surveying Instructions.

17-23-17. Maps of boundary survey – Procedure for filing – Contents – Marking of monuments – Record of corner changes – Penalties.
(1) As used in this section, "land surveyor" means a surveyor who is licensed to practice land surveying in this state in accordance with Title 58, Chapter 22, Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors Licensing Act.
(2) (a) (i) Each land surveyor making a boundary survey of lands within this state to establish or reestablish a boundary line or to obtain data for constructing a map or plat showing a boundary line shall file a map of the survey that meets the requirements of this section with the county surveyor or designated office within 90 days of the establishment or reestablishment of a boundary.
(ii) A land surveyor who fails to file a map of the survey as required by Subsection (2)(a)(i) is guilty of a class C misdemeanor.
(iii) Each failure to file a map of the survey as required by Subsection (2)(a)(i) is a separate violation.
(b) The county surveyor or designated office shall file and index the map of the survey.
(c) The map shall be a public record in the office of the county surveyor or designated office.
(3) This type of map shall show:
(a) the location of survey by quarter section and township and range;
(b) the date of survey;
(c) the scale of drawing and north point;
(d) the distance and course of all lines traced or established, giving the basis of bearing and the distance and course to two or more section corners or quarter corners, including township and range, or to identified monuments within a recorded subdivision;
(e) all measured bearings, angles, and distances separately indicated from those of record;
(f) a written boundary description of property surveyed;
(g) all monuments set and their relation to older monuments found;
(h) a detailed description of monuments found and monuments set, indicated separately;
(i) the surveyor's seal or stamp; and
(j) the surveyor's business name and address.
(4) (a) The map shall contain a written narrative that explains and identifies:
(i) the purpose of the survey;
(ii) the basis on which the lines were established; and
(iii) the found monuments and deed elements that controlled the established or reestablished lines.
(b) If the narrative is a separate document, it shall contain:
(i) the location of the survey by quarter section and by township and range;
(ii) the date of the survey;
(iii) the surveyor's stamp or seal; and
(iv) the surveyor's business name and address.
(c) The map and narrative shall be referenced to each other if they are separate documents.
(5) The map and narrative shall be created on material of a permanent nature on stable base reproducible material in the sizes required by the county surveyor.
(6) (a) Any monument set by a licensed professional land surveyor to mark or reference a point on a property or land line shall be durably and visibly marked or tagged with the registered business name or the letters "L.S." followed by the registration number of the surveyor in charge.
(b) If the monument is set by a licensed land surveyor who is a public officer, it shall be marked with the official title of the office.
(7) (a) If, in the performance of a survey, a surveyor finds or makes any changes to the section corner or quarter-section corner, or their accessories, the surveyor shall complete and submit to the county surveyor or designated office a record of the changes made.
(b) The record shall be submitted within 45 days of the corner visits and shall include the surveyor's seal, business name, and address.

17-23-17.5. Corner perpetuation and filing – Establishment of corner file.
(2) (a) Any land surveyor making a boundary survey of lands within this state and utilizing a corner shall, within 90 days, complete, sign, and file with the county surveyor of the county where the corner is situated, a written record to be known as a corner file for every public land survey corner and accessory to the corner which is used as control in any survey by the surveyor, unless the corner and its accessories are already a matter of record in the county.


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