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  • Animal Shelter
    The Uintah County Animal Shelter is located at 1387 E 335 S in Vernal and serves all of Uintah County. The shelter has pets available for adoption check Petfinder.com for a listing of adoptable pets.
  • Assessor
    The Uintah County Assessor's Office is responsible for valuing over 17,700 real property parcels - vacant land, residentially improved, commercially improved, agricultural and secondary residences. The office is also responsible for assessing and collecting the business personal property of over 1,100 businesses and over 800 mobile home accounts.
  • Attorney
    The Uintah County Attorney's office has the responsibility of prosecuting felonies committed in Uintah County, as well as certain misdemeanor cases in the District and Uintah County Justice Courts, as well as criminal proceedings in Juvenile Court. The Uintah County Attorney's office also represents the County Commissioners and the various County officials and departments on official County business.
  • Clerk/Auditor
    The Clerk/Auditor's office is a combination of two statutory offices: Clerk functions and Auditor functions. The Clerk's office responsibilities are to prepare, administer, process and maintain all county wide elections.

    The clerk issues all licenses for marriages and processes passports for qualified candidates. The Clerk is responsible for preparing agendas and taking minutes of the Board of County Commission meetings and keeps on file all official documents.
    The Auditor administers the financial functions for Uintah County. The Auditor is the chief budget officer and prepares and administers the county wide budget. The Auditor performs and administers the purchasing and all accounting functions. The Auditor maintains records of all financial amounts due to the county, conducts reviews and internal audits of county fiscal transactions and issues all financial statements and reports for the county. The Auditor shares management duties regarding the real property tax system with the Recorder, Assessor and the Treasurer.
  • Community Development
    The Community Development Department provides the following services: Applications to the Uintah County Planning Commission for General Plan amendments, zone text amendments, Zone Map changes, land subdivisions, conditional uses and waiver of subdivision requirement/record of survey maps.; Applications to the Utah County Board of Adjustment for variances, special exceptions, alleged errors; Applications for business licensing; Unincorporated property addresses; Applications for building permits and building inspection services; and, Enforcement of zoning ordinance regulations and construction code requirements.

  • County Commission
    The County Commission Office is the office of the three elected County Commissioners, who are the executive and legislative governing body for Uintah County. The Board of Commissioners exercise supervisory control over all functions of the executive branch of county government and supervise and coordinate control over all departments and its employees. They set, maintain, and regulate the budget for the county, including all departments. They appoint, suspend and remove the directors of county departments and appointive officers of boards and commissions.

  • Economic Development
    The Uintah-Vernal CityEconomic Development promotes the economic development of Uintah County. This includes attracting outside industrial development into Uintah County as well as facilitating the expansion and startup of local companies. Information is shared and promotional activities coordinated with political and business interests.
  • Golden Age Center/COA
    In our continuing attempt to assist the senior citizens of Uintah County, the Uintah County Area Agency on Aging and the Golden Age Center are pleased to be able to give our clients the ability to access information about our services through the Internet.

  • Human Resources
    The Human Resource Department for Uintah County administers and maintains an equal employment oppportunity plan, provids an up-to-date policies and procedures manual, job recruitment, job descriptions, a county pay schedule, performance evaluation criteria, and county benefits.
  • Justice Court
    The Uintah County Justice Court is established by Uintah County and has the authority to deal with class B and C misdemeanors, violations of ordinances, small claims, and infractions committed within County jurisdiction.

  • Recorder
    The Recorder's Office records documents pertaining to real estate property and maintains cross-reference indexes to these records. The Recorder's Office is also required to maintain a set of maps which show the current ownership of every tract of land in the entire county. The records are open for public inspection and copies of documents may be purchased at this office.
  • Surveyor
    One of the main duties of the County Surveyor's Office is to be the guardian, if you will, of the public land survey system.  In addition to the preservation of government survey monuments a part of this preservation is the establishment of coordinate values at each monument location in such a manner that the position of the monument can be replaced and preserved if it should become damaged or obliterated in some way.   An additional responsibility recently assigned to this office by the legislature under Utah Code 17-23-1 (3) (a) (vii) the County Surveyors Office is responsible to "verify the correctness of or establish correct coordinates for ... monuments ... which have a spatial relationship with any section or quarter section corner; ...", in complying with this mandate this office has been using G.P.S. technology to place coordinates on triangulation stations, section corner, street monuments, bench marks and other pertinent corners as time and resources permit..
  • Treasurer
    The County Treasurer is required to bill, collect, invest, safeguard and disburse revenue from property tax collections. We do this on behalf of approximately 25 taxing entities. These include the school districts, the local cities, the county, special service districts, and redevelopment agencies within the geographical borders of Uintah County.
  • TriCounty Health Dept
    TriCounty Health Department is dedicated to furthering the health and well being of Uintah Basin citizens. The Board of Health meets bi-monthly and is responsible for determining department program direction, as well as policies relating to programs, and approving the department budget.TriCounty Health Department is dedicated to providing resources, education, and skills to improve quality of life in the Uintah Basin area,

  • USU Extension Service/4-H
    USU Cooperative Extension is your link to Utah State University. Cooperative Extension delivers research-based education and information to Utahns. These educational programs are delivered via a variety of methods and are offered through a federal, state and county partnership arrangement. USU Cooperative Extension has offices located in nearly every Utah county.


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